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Fun and Engaging Powerhouse Experiences!

A field trip to the Powerhouse Science Center is a fun, memorable, hands-on science adventure that we’re sure your students will never forget. All of our STEM lessons, demonstrations, and activities are linked to Colorado and Durango 9R Academic Science Standards and can be adjusted and modified to meet any standards and learning goals.

We want to promote a positive experience for all visitors at the science center. Due to our small facility, we need to limit the number of students visiting to no more than 60 per field trip. We can make special arrangements for a visit with more than 60 students at an additional cost. We ask that you please bring at least one chaperone for every 15 students. All chaperones and teachers are welcome free of charge.

We offer several FUN and Engaging field trip packages:

  • Level 1 Self-guided tour – $5/student, minimum $75

    Students take a 1.5-hour self-guided tour exploring the history of the powerhouse and how electricity works. Groups will use a worksheet to interact and learn from the exhibits. Those that complete the tour will receive a small take-home-gift. Students will also be able to independently explore science, education and the history of our incredible building through the full use of our gallery facilities.  This includes Durango Discovery Kids as a play area for younger children, our rocket launcher, flight simulator, brain teasers, digital microscope, our ferromagnet fluid chamber, and robot challenge.

  • Level 2 Science Stations or Escape Room -$8 per student, minimum $120

    This 1.5-hour option includes free exploration of the Powerhouse gallery PLUS 3-4 science stations or Escape Room challenge.  Through this field trip option, students explore, participate and reflect on their own learning through immersive engagement. This is a GREAT option for teachers starting or completing a unit and want students to review the content in a fun and interactive environment.

    • The STEM Station Labs are student-centered that will introduce and revisit science concepts to students through a variety of learning methods.  Each station contains pre-written cards, a teacher key, and detailed instructions. The stations provide a mix of input (new information learned), output(demonstration of understanding), and experimental (hands-on and fun) lessons.
    • Each escape room provides a video challenge, several challenging puzzles, and an immersive experience students won’t soon forget all while learning science content.  Not only will students demonstrate mastery of the science curriculum, but students will also develop soft skills such as troubleshooting, logical thinking, and teamwork. Middle and High School Themes Only
    • See all our themes in our Field Trip Catalog.  Some popular topics include:
      • Pre-K and Kinder Skills (stations only), Science Practices: Scientific Method with the 5 senses (stations only), Reading, collecting and analyzing data, Forces + Motion, Life Science + Ecology, Robots + Electricity,  Properties and Interactions of Matter, Energy Transformation, Genetics, Heredity, and Evolution, Earth’s Systems, Space Science, Light + Sound
  • Level 3 Science OR Maker Lesson – $13-$16/student, minimum $200

    Want the best experience possible at the Powerhouse that your students will remember for years to come? The Level 3 field trip consists of a 50-minute instructor-led interactive, high-wow, hands-on lesson PLUS interactive stations aligned to your theme, PLUS free exploration in the Powerhouse.  Prices vary based on field trip lesson and material costs.

    Email to see a list of our 30+ lessons and themes for all ages and determine the right one for your class. Popular topics include:

    • Dissections: eyeball, heart, squid (yum calamari), or grasshoppers, Energy Transformation, Matter Matters, 1,2,3 Blast Off!, Programming with Lego Robotics, Build Art Bots, CSI 101, Rube Goldberg Contraptions, Circuitry, Water Science, Goldilocks Planet, Electromagnetic Spectrum, and MUCH MORE.

Please see the Field Trip Request form below for available field trip options.

Remember, the science center is an informal learning environment where visitors learn by doing, by wondering, and by experimenting. We strive to move the student beyond simple acquisition of information to application, synthesis, and evaluation. The information on this page will help ensure that your time is productive, enjoyable, and in line with your curriculum goals and objectives.

Check Availability

Browse the calendar below to see if your desired date and times are available.

Then book your trip by calling Donitza @ (970)259-9234 x 106 or emailing

Energy, electricity and science education for rural students! Thank you Empire Electric Association, our Montezuma county partner, for funding field trip visits to the Powerhouse.

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