2019/01/02 – Forensic Science Holiday Camp

///2019/01/02 – Forensic Science Holiday Camp

2019/01/02 – Forensic Science Holiday Camp


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14 in stock

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Who: Ages 7-11

Price: $50

Limit: 20 Campers

Contact: Donitza Ivanovich, Education Director

Description: Your child wants to come to this camp. Case closed! The supporting evidence? Learn real-life crime scene processing techniques and utilize multiple fields of science. Campers will become familiar with blood spatter analysis, DNA gel electrophoresis, fingerprinting, and much more. Whether or not your camper uses what they’ve learned as a launching pad to their future career, they will be intrigued by their newfound knowledge surrounding forensics and the human body!


  • Wed, Jan 2, 9:00am – 3:00pm



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