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Sudden Science is a youth educational outreach program aimed at fulfilling our mission “to ignite curiosity, spark imagination, and power exploration”. It is held after school as a series of hands-on inquiry-based activities.

We have recently launched Sudden Science – Maker Edition, an ALL NEW after-school maker club aimed at engaging kids from 2nd to 5th grade in creative and collaborative problem solving through projects students can make and take home.

After-School Maker Club

This program is designed to challenge and inspire students through fun, hands-on electronics projects that encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Each lesson has been crafted to promote interest and competency in science, technology, engineering, design, art, and math (the STEM / STEAM disciplines). The experiences foster excitement, curiosity, and an interest in learning by encouraging students to think of themselves as engineers and inventors.

We employ kits and lessons developed and graciously donated by KitHub, which utilize some of the same electronic components used by professional electricians and engineers! Knowledge gained from these creative take-home projects is easily transferable and aligns with NGSS and Durango 9-R standards.

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Program Overview

Our Sudden Science – Maker Edition classes meet once a week for several weeks. The classes are intended to be taken in succession as part of a cohesive learning experience, as the concepts and activities are designed to build upon themselves and previous lessons.

Sudden Science is offered as a 7- or 8-week outreach program at select local schools. Students remain after school to participate. See specific schools and times below.

Additionally, a special 6-week program is offered exclusively at The Powerhouse! Students can even arrive early to take advantage of our FREE tutoring service!

Topics Covered

  • Conductivity
    Learn about conductive materials and circuits.
  • Superhero Mask
    Use the principles of conductivity to design and fabricate your own high-tech mask.
  • Motorized ArtBot
    Utilize your knowledge of electronics to build a robot that creates art.
  • Paper Circuit
    Design and construct an electronic pop-up card using common household materials.
  • Game Show Trigger
    Create a game-show-style trigger button by building an electronic switching circuit.
  • Deconstruct / Redesign
    Disassemble a toy and then design and build something entirely new from the parts.

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