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Sudden Science is a youth educational outreach program aimed at fulfilling our mission:

To ignite curiosity, spark imagination, and power exploration.

That’s our goal and the way we run science classes. It’s all about getting our community of young learners excited by slime, bugs, circuits, roller coasters—and in turn, the many scientific principles that guide the world around them. We see these budding scientists as powerhouses of energy, wit, and hope; not only for the critical science and technology issues we face, but also as agents for the teamwork, determination and unyielding perseverance our community needs.

Sudden Science is run after-school and on weekends, as a series of hands-on inquiry-based activities. Students problem-solve a variety of tasks revolving around a theme. So far, our “Sudden Scientists” have generated electricity from lemons, worked with magnetism, built solar cars, dissected animal organs, constructed water turbines, assembled structures that withstood significant wind force (and some that didn’t), and much more! The majority of students in the past responded that the classes are “really fun” and they “learned a lot,” and 100% of parents responded that their child enjoyed the experience, became more interested in science while learning new vocabulary, and that they were highly likely to enroll their child in future Sudden Science programs.

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Ziggy Lanman
(970) 259-9234

Payment can be made online or by check.

Checks must be made out to the Powerhouse Science Center.

Please complete the release form and hand it in with your check payment or before the first day of class.

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