Durango Devo Film Fest – Submission Guidelines

We are looking for excellent, short, entertaining content for the First Annual Durango Devo Film Fest (DDFF)! The DDFF will be held on Tuesday, August 27th from 6-8pm at the Durango Powehouse (1333 Camino Del Rio, Durango).

Durango Devo is a Colorado 501[c][3] Youth Non-Profit. We provide outdoor mountain bike programs to 4-corners youth, ages 2-19, with the mission of developing lifelong cyclists by engaging kids with nature on their bikes. The DDFF is a fundraiser for Durango Devo, with 100% of proceeds benefiting Devo’s riders. Your film contribution will help us to host a beautiful and exciting event! As a non-profit, Devo can provide you with a tax-deductible Donation Receipt for the donation of your content. More information about Durango Devo can be found below, or at durangodevo.com.

All film submissions must prominently feature outdoor recreation or a connection with nature of some sort, whether that be through mountain biking, climbing, skiing, hiking, environmental advocacy, or any other avenue you take to connect to the outdoors. Themes around cycling and/or Southwest Colorado are a bonus!

Getting Started…

You contact us about a submission at director@durangodevo.com
We see where you are in the process and get the movie from you before the deadline…
Submission Deadline: Saturday, August 17, 2019 by 10:00PM
Accepted entries will receive 2 tickets to the show
We will compile the entire show into a single movie, so it plays easily with no errors
Submissions must be in one of the preferred formats listed below so we can compile them
The compiled “DDFF Show” will not, nor ever should be made available for sale or posted online
Individuals retain all rights to their works, and you must own all copyrights to your material
We do not pay for submissions, nor is there a fee to submit
We reserve the right to use appropriate short clips of your submissions/entries to promote the DDFF
We do not permit additional public showings of the DDFF

Submission Guidelines…

Shorter is better. This is a live audience.
Length can be from 5 sec. to 10 minutes; submissions over 10 minutes must be outstanding for consideration.
Footage must be clear and steady (Hand-held and Helmet Cam footage should be kept to a minimum)
Minimum resolution: 1080p video with normalized audio, up to 4K at 60fps; anything at 1080 or better looks great on the projection screen.
Slideshows are accepted – it must be HD and saved as a stand-alone movie file.
Please respect all copyrights, as this is a public performance. You must own or have permission to submit your entry.

Submission Format Preferences…

We need your file “to play on a computer” — not for a DVD player.
On a Mac or PC, save your final copy as a Quicktime, .MOV, or .MP4 file with an H264 or similar modern codec.

Recommended Compression settings:
1080 @ 20 Mbps, 2k @ 30Mbps or 4k at 50 Mbps
24, 29, 30 frames per second (60 fps is overkill for the projector since it’s refresh rate is only 30)
16:9 or it will be cropped to fit 16:9
Audio: stereo at 44 or 48 kHz at 320 kbit/s

Notes about other formats:
No Windows Media Files
Stand-alone or Authored DVD are acceptable, but a computer file is better.

Send Us Your Movie!

Options, from easiest to hardest:
Email us a cloud-drive link to your file, or
Upload your video to Vimeo, make it “available for download” in the settings and email us the link. You can also keep it password protected so it’s not public.
USB Drive (in an envelope with your name on it) for us at 10 Town Plaza #110, Durango, CO 81301

About Durango Devo…

Durango Devo is a 501[c][3] Youth Non-Profit which provides developmental mountain bike lessons and programs for kids in the Four Corners area from ages 2 to 19. In practice, however, the realization of Devo’s mission involves much more than just riding bikes. Devo aims to foster a safe, respectful, and conscientious appreciation and stewardship for the environment by engaging Durango’s youth with the outdoors on their bikes. At an even deeper level, Devo strives to develop and better the lives of Durango’s youth through the power of the bicycle. Bikes provide a consistent and positive outlet for kids (and adults!) to hone and focus their energy. With Devo, kids learn the power of effective goal setting, experience the thrill of tangible improvement, and are inspired and empowered to translate these lessons to other aspects of their lives. Devo’s goals in the Durango community, in practice, incorporate Devo’s belief that bikes are an incredible tool for enacting positive, tangible change in the lives of the people that ride them.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions please email Devo’s Director, Levi, at director@durangodevo.com.