2018 Powerhouse Maker Honorees Announced

The Powerhouse is pleased to announce the first annual Powerhouse Maker Honorees. The Powerhouse Maker Honorees are a select group of individuals and organizations that are emblematic of the ingenuity, perseverance, ability to innovate, succeed and survive in the Four Corners area in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and education. These are individuals and organizations that lead by example and provide models for others in our community and in our world. This year’s honorees are as follows:

Carver Brewing Company

The L. L. Nunn Honoree in Philanthropy, sponsored by La Plata Electric Association,  has been awarded to Carver Brewing Company.

In 1988 the first Durango, Colorado brewpub since prohibition was established by Jim and Bill Carver. This was the second craft brewery in Colorado. Carver Brewing Company has been a leader in supporting the STEM education efforts of The Powerhouse through contributions and community fundraisers. Carver Brewing Company and the Carver family have donated over $500,000.00 to The Powerhouse. In addition, Carvers is the main sponsor of the Search & Rescue Pancake Breakfast and many community events in Durango as well as supporting other nonprofits in the Durango Community.

This honor is named after LL Nunn who was an American entrepreneur and educator. He operated a mill at Ophir. Looking for power for his mill, he learned about George Westinghouse's experiments with alternating current. During the winter of 1890, Nunn’s team built a crude wooden shack in which they installed a Westinghouse generator belted to a six-foot Pelton waterwheel.

Henry Haggart

The Caroline Romney Honoree for a Student or Child has been awarded to Henry Haggart.

Henry is a senior at Animas High School. He has been an intern at the Fort Lewis College engineering department with Dr. Nollet, mountain bike racing and tutoring for Durango Academic Coaching. He has interned at The Powerhouse for five years, completing over 400 unpaid hours. As a senior intern he has been responsible for manning the front desk, leading demonstrations and training new interns. Outside of working at the science center, Henry participates in Durango’s Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) and Solar Car Challenge teams. Known as a “Jack of all Trades” he has an insatiable curiosity about all things: minerals, galaxies, fluid dynamics and list goes on. Curiously, out of his many skills the one thing he can’t do is tie a balloon.

This honor is named after Caroline Romney who was a newspaper correspondent, editor and owner. In the fall of 1880, in a tent pitched in two feet of snow, she started the Daily Record and Weekly Record newspapers in Durango. These publications eventually became the Durango Herald.

Richard Rohrbacher

The Stuart Allen “Stu” Roosa Honoree for an Individual has been awarded to Richard Rohrbacher.

Richard Rohrbacher is the CEO at Rohrbacher Waterblasting Technologies and Colorado Wildfire Control. He invented the Cyclone System for removing rubber from airport runways, and dirt and grime from Theme parks, while recycling all water used in the cleaning process. Richard held 9 US Patents and 14 International Patents. As a child he built rockets and racecars and created machines out of scrap lumber and metal scrounged from his Dad’s garage. Later, he channeled his inventive spirit into creating industrial equipment that included the first Soil Sanitation System for the United States Department of Agriculture and decontamination devices for Nuclear Generating Plants.

This honor is named after Stuart Allen “Stu” Roosa, a Durango native, who was an aeronautical engineer, United States Air Force pilot, test pilot, and NASA astronaut – Command Module Pilot for the Apollo 14 mission. On the Apollo 14 mission Roosa carried seeds from loblolly pine, sycamore, sweet gum, redwood, and Douglas fir trees as part of a joint U.S. Forest Service/NASA project. The seeds were germinated on his return and planted throughout the United States, becoming known as the “Moon Trees”.

Advanced Mobile Propulsion Test (AMPT)

The William Jackson Palmer Honoree for an Organization/Business, sponsored by Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, has been awarded to Advanced Mobile Propulsion Test (AMPT).

Founded in Durango Colorado in 2009, the prime mission of AMPT is to provide the expertise and infrastructure to test and evaluate spacecraft propulsion systems. AMPT is currently developing additively manufactured spacecraft thrusters in the 5-2200N range. AMPT also provides test stand and propellant systems development, design, and fabrication. Included are data acquisition and control systems, instrumentation design and implementation, altitude systems, and engine processing facilities.

This honor is named after William Jackson Palmer who was an American civil engineer, soldier, industrialist, and philanthropist. He was a co-founder of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (Rio Grande). It was his idea to use narrow gauge rail in Colorado to reach the nearby mines and get through the mountains. Richard’s company laid the track and started the Durango to Silverton line.

Congratulations, 2018 Powerhouse Maker Honorees!