Probably not what Cat Stevens was referencing in his 1970’s single, but on August 21st, the moon will come directly between the earth and sun, resulting in its shadow being cast upon our planet. And as the moon revolves around the earth, its shadow will traverse the continental United States from the Pacific northwest to the coast of South Carolina.

For those finding themselves in the dark centermost portion of the moon’s shadow, the umbra, the sun will be completely obscured, resulting in a breathtaking cosmic spectacle known as totality.

For those in the much larger but more faint outer region of the moon’s shadow, the penumbra, a partial solar eclipse can be observed. For Durango, about 80% of the sun will be obscured by the moon.

So if you’ll be in the Durango area, stop by the Powerhouse and stand in the shadow of the moon with us during our solar eclipse event! You will have an opportunity to meet other eclipse watchers and, weather permitting, safely view this celestial phenomenon.

We will also be showing live NASA footage of the eclipse from various locations along the path of totality – including live video of the moon’s shadow streamed from weather balloons 100,000 feet above the earth’s surface!

Come get mooned at the Pow!

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