Ultimate Flying Drone?

//Ultimate Flying Drone?

We love flying drones! In fact, we put on a very successful workshop last year at the Ute Mountain Ute Learning Center. It’s a great way to introduce kids to exciting STEM disciplines! There are some very fun and creative things you can do with flying drones, such as donning a VR headset and piloting the craft by means of a FPV (first person view) provided by the drone’s onboard camera – as though you are actually onboard the craft.

But why stop there? Imagine actually climbing into the pilot’s seat of such an aircraft and taking off! Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine…

The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a new, all-electric aircraft. It is safe, tested and legal to operate in the United States in uncongested areas under the Ultralight category of FAA regulations. We’ve designed our first version specifically to fly over water. You don’t need a pilot’s license and you’ll learn to fly it in minutes.

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