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A field trip to the Powerhouse Science Center is a fun, memorable, hands-on science adventure that we’re sure your students will never forget. We understand that every class is unique, with different field trip goals and visions. To provide each class with individualized experiences, we offer a variety of field trip options, enabling teachers to easily customize a field trip to best suit their unique class and their unique needs.

Field Trip Packages

  • All field trip packages include science center exploration. Cost is per student.

  • Science Center Free-Explore — $8 — 1.5 hours

    If you’re on a tight budget and/or a tight schedule, this is the option for you. In this field trip, students spend a total of 1.5 hours exploring the museum. During this 1.5 hours, our educators will bring out 1-2 educator-facilitated "activity carts" to further engage students with inquiry-based hands-on activities.

  • Historic Coal Tour — $12 — 1.5 hours

    We are lucky to have our science center located inside an old Powerhouse! We’re even luckier to have most of the original powerhouse equipment (boilers, condensers, generators etc.) still inside the museum! Alongside an energetic educator, come explore the powerhouse that powered the city of Durango for almost 100 years. We assure you that this is no ordinary "tour" - expect fire, soot, loud noises and overly enthusiastic educators. Students will spend approximately 30 minutes on the historic coal tour and 1 hour of free-exploration in the museum. This is a great field trip option for first time visitors to the museum.

  • MakerLab Explorers — $15 — 2.25 hours

    This 2.25 hour field trip has it all: 55-minute Maker-themed science lab, 35 minutes in our hands-on workshop space and 45-minutes of free-exploration time in the museum. Maker culture emphasizes learning through doing … and that’s just what this field trip is all about. In this field trip, experienced educators perform demos and lead fun, hands-on, do-it-yourself activities with students. Check out our list of MakerLab Explorer field trip options.

Remember, the science center is an informal learning environment where visitors learn by doing, by wondering, and by experimenting. We strive to move the student beyond simple acquisition of information to application, synthesis, and evaluation. The information on this page will help ensure that your time is productive, enjoyable, and in line with your curriculum goals and objectives.

Field trip scholarships are available! Contact for more information.

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