Science Career Ladder (Internship)

The Science Career Ladder is an innovative education and employment program providing fun and meaningful work experience to middle school, high school and college students. Our program uses the Science Career Ladder model created by the New York Hall of Science and is graciously funded by Chevron North America.

The Science Career Ladder is a system of graduated opportunities through which youth advance as they interact with the public at the museum, helping visitors to feel welcome and to understand the science behind the exhibits, science demonstrations and educational programs. In the process, young people acquire communication skills, knowledge of science and the scientific process, experience with inquiry, and a grounded experience of what teaching and learning are about.

Through experience, dedication and hard work, Career Ladder participants will quickly work their way from beginning unpaid “Explainers” to paid “Senior Explainers” and, ultimately, paid “Mad Scientists”.

Be prepared to give exciting science stage demonstrations, create innovative science lessons, interact with curious visitors and be an integral part of our new and constantly evolving museum!

To apply, please complete our online application, and we will be in touch!