Join the team! As a Science Career Ladder intern, you'll gain fun and meaningful work experience by interacting with visitors, performing, science demonstrations and providing support to our science classes and camps. Assisting at the science center in these important day-to-day functions, you’ll acquire communication skills, knowledge of science and the scientific process, practice with inquiry, and a grounded experience in education.


  • Enthusiasm and passion for learning
  • Desire to share knowledge with others
  • Minimum commitment of four months
  • Available to intern at least two hours per week
  • Age 12-18

Through experience, dedication, and hard work, SCL participants will quickly work their way up the ladder as Interns Level I, II, and III, with the possibility of being hired as a Mad Scientist. As a significant amount of SCL participants' duties will involve public interaction, participants will be expected to improve and cultivate good social and interpretion skills. It is the museum’s hope that participants will grow and develop, not only as science educators and facilitators, but also as individuals.

The next opportunity for new students to join the SCL team is March 2015. Download the SCL Intern Application.

STEM Internship

As a STEM intern, you will be employed at a local business related to your area of interest, whether it is in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. The internship program is the catalyst between students and their community providing experience and career opportunities to help students develop and grow their passion for their future. Students must be in good standing at school, provide two letters of recommendation, and be 16-17 years old. Upon completion of the internship, students must complete and present a reflection assignment describing the STEM skills learned on the job and present it to the STEM Internship Board.

Requirements for participation:

  • Must be enrolled as a full time student
  • Must be in good standing with participating school 
  • Must be able to provide their own transportation
  • Provide two letters of recommendation
  • Articulate their particular area of STEM interest 

We are now accepting applications. Download the STEM Internship Application.

What Interns Are Saying

Interning here at the Powerhouse has provided me with an opportunity I could have never imagined. I've grown as a public speaker, a teacher, a collaborator, a scientist, and a leader. I love everyday that I get to help out in my community at the powerhouse. — Kate Petty, Level One Intern
Interning at the Powerhouse is great; The kiddos love to interact and learn with you and there is always something fun to do and new to learn. The people you meet and work with are the best and help you to become a better intern. Plus, you never know what you might find in your apron pocket. — Hanah Carter, Level One Intern
I've found my time here as an intern to be very rewarding. I've gained skills that I never thought I'd gain, such as the ability to make announcements to an entire building without the assistance of a megaphone, and built everything from science experiments and engineering puzzles to puppet theaters. I've gained more confidence in dealing with strangers, and learned how to tailor my speech to my audience. It's been an amazing internship, and I'm glad I've been allowed this opportunity. — Steve Jobson, Level Three SCL intern and past STEM intern